We can take on any project that has anything to do with rock. This includes for example rock drilling, blasting, hydraulic rock splitting, scailing with machines or by hand, rock drilling by hand or with use of a machine, setting up rock bolts and wire mesh system, grouting with cement, epoxy, silica and more.

We can also set up bolts for drainage mats and can install mats that completely enclose the underlying mat.

You can get our help with any type of concrete works that are needed when working with: rocks, sump pumps, pipe system for the distribution of runoff water, fire water reservoirs and other types of tanks, dividing walls, foundations and more.

One of our specialties  is to enable temporary measurements of leaking water. Ask us about setting up temporary measuring ramps and measurements of processed water.

We are well experienced with all types of ground works and can easily help you with calculations of any rock works needed for pipe lining, cleaning of the rock base, sealing and levelling of terrasses or works with different types of road layers.