Estrock AB and Karell Schakt AB

17 Jan 2018

Anders Söderqvist is working now at our daughter company called Estrock AB.

Estrock AB was registered in autumn 2016 and consists of 13 workmen, specialised in rock reinforcement. All the Estrock employees come from Estonia and in Sweden they work in rotating shifts under the collective agreement regulations. BBEAB has had a pleasure to work with them for many years and we look forward to continue our cooperation.

Karell Schakt AB was created during summer 2017 as a daughter company to BBEAB and has 7 employees specialised in excavation works, installation of pipes and detailed planning. Karell Schakt AB is operated by Veli Taatila together with two brothers Leho and Kaupo Karell. Similar to Estrock AB, Karell Schakt AB is working under the collective agreements regulations and performing the activities in rotating shifts.

BBEAB, together with above mentioned companies, has a broad competence and capacity to perform complete construcion and rock reinforcement jobs, whether they are big or small.