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Veli Taatila


Veli has extensive experience in leading major construction projects and wide knowledge in the field of calculating processes, HSE, concrete and rock blasting.

076-890 33 30

Maria Taatila

HSE Executive

Experienced and qualified in working with HSE questions that include anything from permit applications to performing samplings. Apart from being a qualified Planning and Building Law Controller Maria has also finished courses in Cement technology and rock blasting techniques.

076-890 33 33

Juhani Rannikko

Project engineer

Jussi has nearly his entire life worked with the logistics. Besides of logistics, at Bror he works with purchasing and economy questions. He is our controller in the Tunnel refurbishment project.

076-890 33 36

Jon Willberg


Even though he works in Sweden he lives in his homeland, Finland. Jon has worked with multiple projects, mostly within the tunnel construction field. He has worked in Sweden, Finland and is now our expert in rock works and Production planner in tunnel refurbishment project. Jon has education in explosives engineering and has a great knowledge of rock works.

076-890 33 05

Anders Söderqvist

Site manager

Anders has experience in the construction projects, but comes directly from the transportation sector. He will join us as a Site manager, mainly at Ski tunnel in Bräcke and will make sure that this project will meet both the time and cost requirements.

076-898 23 30

Maria Taatila


Manja has the last 15 years worked in the health sector and now will continue to take care of both our offices and the well being of our employee’s.

076-890 33 33

John Hallberg

Production manager

John has the last year been in Norway where he worked with Eiganestunneln. He has an in-depth knowledge about construction projects and has worked both on the client and contractor side. John will be our Production manager at the tunnel refurbishment project that starts in October 2016.

070-366 05 03

Zyta Pollak Grgic

Project engineer

076-898 23 32