Welcome to Bror Bergentreprenad


BBEAB is just as any other big construction company: competent, comprehensive and experienced. We can manage any kind of a project, no matter how large or small it is. Just like the top construction companies, we can handle administration, contracts, quality, environment, building work environment and time plans. The major difference is that we will do it for less money and with a little bit more intimate approach.

Our key areas of expertise are rock works that include scailing, rock bolts, wire mesh systems and grouting. Even though we have a broad experience in other construction works, our love for rock works is indescribable.

Along with being a contractor we can also perform consultancy tasks within the rock field, rock blasting, project managing, HSE and calculations. In 2016 we started our cooperation with Lotus Maskin & Transport whom we are helping with their construction operations.

Besides of working with contractors, we have also undertaken numerous projects for the municipalities and public authorities.

BBEAB was established in August 2013. The owner of the company, Veli Taatila runs it together with Maria Taatila. Until now the most of the projects were carried out in Sweden and adjacent countries.